Blue Dragon Cafe

Blue Dragon Cafe

von: B J Coltrayne

BookBaby, 2015

ISBN: 9781483559711 , 249 Seiten

Format: ePUB

Kopierschutz: DRM

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Blue Dragon Cafe


In The Jackals Feed, Frank Burnham barely survives the demented, blood-soaked ambitions of a modern day African tyrant. Blue Dragon Cafe begins in an earlier time. It is 1954 and Frank Burnham's uncle Dan has just left the US Army and is looking for adventure. He soon finds it in war-torn French Indochina. He hires on as a loadmaster on planes making the perilous flight to supply embattled Dien Bien Phu. On his 45th mission he's shot down and spends the next 21 days fighting in that hell hole. When the fortress finally falls, he is among the few who escape, is found by French Commandos and eventually returned to Saigon. A tenuous peace is now at hand and Saigon is simmering with intrigue. French colons are trying to keep power, opium is king and criminals run the police. Dan joins a band of American covert operators trying to help the new regime and advance American interests. The final battle for Saigon erupts a year later and Dan is thrown in the bloodletting. Some called him a murderer. The battle is won and Dan settles down to a more peaceful life with his new bride. He becomes a successful businessman and rubber plantation owner. But peace is elusive and by 1967 Vietnam is now at war again. One night Dan witnesses a cargo plane loaded with opium and gold go down near a shallow lake. That event and another from his past bring danger back into his life and Dan is forced to revert back to the old Dan. But now there is another Burnham on the scene. Young Frank Burnham is in Vietnam and soon tastes battle for the first time and becomes a deadly, hardened soldier. Dan eventually goes to Laos to confront who is after him but is kidnapped. But who has him? Enemies from the battle for Saigon back in 1955? Corsican opium and gold smugglers seeking answers about their missing contraband? Maybe the CIA is involved. Soon Frank Burnham and a small band of hard men are in pursuit of Dan's captors in Laos where enemies are numerous and ruthless.