Dashboards for Excel

von: Jordan Goldmeier, Purnachandra Duggirala

Apress, 2015

ISBN: 9781430249450 , 542 Seiten

Format: PDF, Online Lesen

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Dashboards for Excel


This book takes a hands-on approach to developing dashboards, from instructing users on advanced Excel techniques to addressing dashboard pitfalls common in the real world. Dashboards for Excel is your key to creating informative, actionable, and interactive dashboards and decision support systems. Throughout the book, the reader is challenged to think about Excel and data analytics differently-that is, to think outside the cell. This book shows you how to create dashboards in Excel quickly and effectively.
In this book, you learn how to:
  • Apply data visualization principles for more effective dashboards
  • Employ dynamic charts and tables to create dashboards that are constantly up-to-date and providing fresh information
  • Use understated yet powerful formulas for Excel development
  • Apply advanced Excel techniques mixing formulas and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to create interactive dashboards
  • Create dynamic systems for decision support in your organization
  • Avoid common problems in Excel development and dashboard creation
  • Get started with the Excel data model, PowerPivot, and Power Query